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SRI30 with Sonya Dreizler

SRI30 with Sonya Dreizler

December 16, 2019

This is my final post on the SRI30 Conference that Miranda and I recently attended.

I have been following Sonya Dreizler for quite some time on Twitter as well as her website. So I was VERY pleased that she was at the SRI30 and was co-presenting with Kristin Hull! Sonya has long been an advocate for women and minorities in the financial services industry and consistently raises my awareness of issues confronting our industry and effective ways of creating change.

Sonya recently completed an excellent series called "Do Better" which is available in its entirety here: In this series she provides many stories of women's rights violations and the very personal impact of those violations. Very powerful.

I was very proud to see Sonya wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt at the conference. Her advocacy for all of us to create change in our industry is quite admirable.