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SRI30 - Making a Difference

SRI30 - Making a Difference

December 03, 2019

At every conference I attend, there is always one session devoted to inspiration beyond our profession. At #SRI30, we were treated to hearing from five professional athletes who have devoted their lives to being agents of change in their respective communities. Because of their stature as successful and well-known athletes, they can influence and support meaningful changes by implementing programs to raise up those most compromised members of their communities.

The athletes were Derrick Morgan, Warrick Dunn, Sheryl Grant, Devean George and Antonio Davis.

Along with questions by the moderator, Daniel Hughes, and answers by each of the athletes, we also were able to experience videos of some of those people who have been helped. It brought tears to my eyes and is motivating me to continue to work hard for positive change in my communities – Bellingham, the USA and the world – particularly to raise up those who are struggling and/or suffering.

Particularly at this time of year, I encourage you to do something more than you usually do to help those of us who can use a helping hand. These actions enrich our minds, our souls and our hearts.