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George Kinder

George Kinder

February 17, 2017

Early on in my transition from being strictly a CPA to becoming a CPA financial life planner, I enrolled in George Kinder's intensive training, "Seven Stages of Money Maturity". It was through this training under the watchful eye and encouragement of George that I reached the epiphany that this financial life planning is the best way to utilize skills developed over many years to make the most positive impact on this world. I continue to bless George for inspiring not only me, but many other financial life planners over his career. The picture above was taken by a friend right after completing this initial training. I was also excited to reconnect personally with George at last year's AICPA Personal Financial Planning Conference.

Due to inspiration from George, I have also mentored several other advisors as well as starting to work with young teenagers who are coming of age.

Thank you, George, for changing my life!