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Links for Socially Responsible Investing information: 


Intra-Year Declines in the S&P500

A Guide to Market Fluctuations  - Keys to Prevailing Through Stock Market Declines

Media Replay: Today's headlines may seem scary -- so scary that "playing it safe" and not losing your money may seem like the only rational strategy.  Click the link to learn more.

I Don't Want to Talk About It.: How to discuss eldercare with your parents.  

Andy Friedman's 2018 Tax Update

Equifax Data Breach: On September 7th, 2017, Equifax announced a massive data breach that exposed vital personal identification data on as many as 143 million consumers, roughly 55% of Americans age 18 and older.  This article provides tips for protecting yourself.  

Everything Investors Need to Know - and Should Ignore - About the Upcoming Election (2016) written by Jerry Webman, PhD, CFA and Chief Economist at OppenheimerFunds.

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